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Terms of sale that will contribute to a clarified and straightforward relationship between customers, Viis and our partners

From the time you become a customer, these terms of sale apply. As a customer, you and Viis make further agreement on the content and delivery time. Viis is responsible for progress and delivery. However, as a customer, you must provide the necessary content, feedback and approvals. If you do not, the process will stop and Viis can invoice you for the services done. Viis is responsible for delivering services as agreed and with good quality, while the responsibility related to further use is yours as a customer. After deliveries (by email, messaging solutions, file uploads, cloud storage and others) or deliveres/editing directly in digital systems (home pages, database, PIM cloud storage, office applications and others), Viis are not responsible for keeping copies. This also applies to earlier versions before editing. It is our customers responsibility to backup IT solutions and content before changes/editing including deleting is performed by you, Viis or partners.

Agreed expenses and travel costs are additional. Travel time (half of our normal hourly rate) can be billed for travels outside Oslo and Viis can then invoice car driving and other travel expense report in line with the Norwegian state regulations. As to such costs, Viis will consider what is fair. Viis doesn’t charge for sleeping in hotels.

Viis will treat your corporate secrets confidentially. For permanent assignments, you can terminate the agreement for the first three months with one month’s notice period, after three months Viis has dedicated resources fixed to serve the assignment and then the notice period is three months. The client decides whether or not Viis should deliver on during the notice period, but Viis can invoice the fixed amount of the assignment anyway. If we have a continuous collaboration and Viis has for some reason not carried out assignments for you in the last six months, the customer relationship is to be considered as formally terminated – although we are usually happy to work more for you anyway. Viis is happy to take individual assignments/projects and then the duration is limited to the length of the project, unless we agree otherwise. If you stop a project for more than two months, Viis reserves the right to invoice an addition to the original project budget due to the time required to get up to speed again.

Viis produces a lot of ideas. The ideas you use within three months are yours. Those you do not use fall back to Viis’ sole ownership.

Viis provides services and products from partners and service providers on the Internet. Dissemination means that we propose a supplier for you. For the delivery, the supplier is responsible and the terms of sale for the supplier applies. For some services, Viis can, for your convenience, pay the bill and further invoice you without a markup (when foreign currency is involved it is difficult to hit precisely), but nevertheless the supplier and not Viis are responsible in the event of any complaints. Viis will contribute to a good complaint treatment. Viis can also represent services directly. Then the terms of sale as described here apply together with the supplier’s. For no deliveries may Viis be held liable for a larger amount than fifty percent invoiced amount in the last three months.

Privacy policy and cookies use

Here you will find information about how Viis processes (collects, stores and handles) your privacy information and your rights under data protection legislation.


Data Controller

Viis AS is the data controller for personal data and shall provide you with sufficient information so that you know what is happening and secure the information to others.


Purpose and information Viis processes

Viis processes information to provide services and operate the business in accordance with agreements with customers, regulations and good business practices. We collect information about customers, suppliers, sources of information, media, special interest organisations, public organisations, partners, their employees, their own and potential employees.

We collect information about names, companies, telephone/email/contact points, website, what we have been in contact about in order to refresh our memory, network and industry – but, not always this about everyone, only when relevant. To contacts with whom we have a closer, personal relationship, we collect birthday times so that we can congratulate or invite for coffee and cake. We do not collect information that is not relevant.


Online processing, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and electronic direct mail

You may voluntarily provide Viis with personal data throuhg, our Twitter account @viisviiser, LinkedIn or Facebook page. In any case, we do not treat anything other than what is mentioned above.

Our website is located at SiteGround and is managed by Viis.

Cookies uses cookies to provide you with a better user experience, help us to generally target the website better and deliver marketing based on your interests. Cookies are software that, for example, gives us statistics on how often our website is visited, from which parts of the world this happens and which pages are read.

Electronic newsletters / direct mail

Customers may be subject to direct mail with content relevant to the customer relationship. Also, Viis sends marketing to people who have consented to this.


Disclosure of personal data and use of data processors

Sometimes the Viis nework wonder if we have contact information for someone whom might be useful for them to connect to. Then we consider whether it will be mutually useful to establish such contact and, if so, share contact data. We do this with caution. People with legal authority will get information.

As of today, Marketcircle is involved in the management of our CMS system with personal data. Also, this kind of information is available to a limitied extent in at the financial system provider and accountant assistance that Viis uses. With all, we have data processing agreements. The data is processed according to EU/EEA rules. Old data is routinely deleted when it is released from statutory storage requirements.


Retention period

We store personal data as long as it is relevant and delete regularly. Cookies-collected information is usually deleted after two years.


Your rights and complaints

You can request access, rectification or deletion of your data. Contact Viis if you want. Read more about your rights at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. There you will also find information on how to complain about Viis if you believe that we are not treating your personal data correctly.


Storage and securing

Viis has routines that ensure good against personal data going astray.



If we change anything, Viis will update this document. The last update was July 20. 2022.