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Chief Marketing Officer / communications manager for hire

As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) / Chief Communication Officer (CCO) for hire in Norway, Viis continuously provides a plethora of different services where targeted progress is the nerve. Some hire Viis because they do not need someone full-time in the position here in Norway or as a substitute during a transition period until a new marketing manager is in place. Viis can also participate in the development and establishment of the marketing manager role as a function in connection with a recruitment process. Viis also takes the practical responsibility for helping you get started with and maintain a PIM system for product information, for example within a Marketing Manager “practical” mandate.
Viis has a basic goal of producing as much as possible and spending no more than exactly needed for project management. We take as much as possible on video conference and phone. In recent years, we have kept customers up to date via a Google Sheet spreadsheet in Google Cloud, the project management tool Asana, Smartsheet, Slack, Jira / Confluence or similar. In this way, there will be a better overview and fewer emails. We have set up three different marketing managers for rental basic packages. Content can be adjusted – these are examples only. Viis has broad expertise and can implement measures that you otherwise have to spend a lot of time finding, buying and project-leading from different suppliers. It should all be a little fun, comfortable and practical.