Christian Somme is a copywriter, web developer and media advisor

Christian Sømme in Viis has experience from Nucleus, Geelmuyden.KIese, Dagens Næringsliv m.m.Christian Somme owns and runs Viis. As employee in the PR agencies Geelmuyden.Kiese and Nucleus, Christian made productions through colleagues, networks and himself. Now Christian make productions through the network of Viis and himself. Many experienced agency professionals work network-based in this way, with efficient, high-quality deliveries.

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Christian believes in doing things today rather than tomorrow and likes to work with independent people including customers who like to know more or more than himself. He thinks information technology is easy and is in particular happy to engage in complicated business topics. Christian is a creative, systematic and experienced media advisor, copywriter and web developer. SEO is a natural part of many of his deliveries. Other suitable titles include PR/communications adviser, Communications Practitioner™, strategy adviser, tactics adviser, press photographer and entrepreneur.

He holds a master’s degree in business administration from BI Norwegian Business School with specialization in marketing. His background covers many industries and tasks in companies, organizations and foundations: General manager, head of administration, IT manager, CRM manager, marketing manager, information manager, owner, board member and chairman of the board. The experience comes in handy in media contact, text writing and consulting.

Based on education as an economist, his creative head, broad industry expertise and experience from strategy consulting in the field of communication, many aspects of business operations in small and medium-sized enterprises, organizational work, IT/information technology, web development and bookkeeping/accounting in cloud-based financial systems (take a breath), Christian has developed Viis’ concept of communication as an element in continuous business development (DevOps). Then, Viis takes responsibility for the market and communication function in a development project – and these days it is often about never ending development after the first launch.

Christian has journalist practice from Dagens Næringsliv, has been an information adviser in Innovation Norway (when it was called the Norwegian Export Council), was a senior adviser at Geelmuyden.Kiese, founded the communications agency Nucleus which he sold out of in 2010 and now runs Viis from which he also works as a mentor.