Viis is a highly efficient Norwegian PR agency. It comes in handy


Viis is a highly efficient Norwegian PR agency that predictably carries out important tasks month after month. Examples include text for many purposes, search engine optimization from a practical point of view, media relations and web development in WordPress.


Viis has an extensive business network in Norway and experience from many industries, innovation and business operations. .


Marketing manager for rent


Many people need a marketing manager or communications manager, but not at full time. Instead, they can hire Viis and accelerate their marketing efforts. Viis can also do the job temporarily until you employ someone permanently. Viis delivers three standard packages. The packages can be customized as needed (it pretty much always happens).

See for yourself!
Media Relations


Many businesses have news and stories that never reach the media. Viis will help you with media contact. Viis mainly works through fixed, long-term agreements that ensure continuity of media contact.